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AVK realizes that society today is facing many challenges to keep the world alive. The world is polluted, clean water and raw materials become scarcer, waste mountains grow, nature is threatened, biodiversity decreases and global warming is a fact. These developments affect the basis of our well-being and our existence.

AVK sees its task of taking social responsibility for the consequences of its activities. We take into account human and environmental considerations in our operations. Corporate social responsibility, circular purchasing, raw material passport development, sustainable production, recyclability of raw materials, end products and packaging, renewable energy, mobility and sustainable human resources are our starting points. With the aim of creating a better world around us with our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees.

The AVK Group has a number of very strict objectives for our production companies in terms of electricity and water consumption. Therefore AVK is committed to reducing the consumption of electricity and water, with the added benefit of direct cost savings.

Every AVK employee is encouraged to suggest improvement points in our organization that benefits the environment. Not only do we focus on activities and processes in our manufacturing company, but also on the behavior and business model of our suppliers.

AVK Rewag is implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility policy according to the ISO 26000 standards. We achieved the CSR performance ladder certificate level 4.

Expect AVK … expected sustainability