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748/32-1212 Fingers 5cm, AISI 304, EPDM rubber, vulcanized spannerplate

Variant: 748/32-1212 – AVK repair clamps ensure a cost effective and reliable solution for quick repairs on steel, copper, asbestos cement, cast iron and plastic pipes. A pipe with a hole or crack will be repaired permanently. The stainless steel repair clamps are passivated in order to ensure an optimum corrosion resistance. The repair clamps are provided with a waffle structured rubber gasket and rounded tops to create a fully circumferential seal.

Handling and storage
Mounting instructions, type FST20


  • Clamp of a pre-rolled plate of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Clamp is manufactured with a hinge point in order to simplify installation.
  • Design with AISI 304 studs (50 mm center to center) and welded AISI 304 fingers.
  • Clamp is completely pickled and passivated after welding.
  • Clamp is manufactured with flanged branch.
  • Studs are Teflon coated to prevent cold welding (galling).
  • Nuts stainless steel A4 quality.
  • Gasket of EPDM rubber with waffle structure and rounded tops.
  • Spanner plate is completely vulcanized into rubber gasket.
  • Diameter reach of double band repair clamp is max. 24 mm (depends on diameter pipe).
  • Clamps available in different diameters: DN 80 up to DN 600.
  • Clamps available in different lenghts: 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm (other lengths on request).
  • Indication pressure class for water: 24 bar for DN 80 up to DN 150, 16 bar for DN 175 up to DN 450 and 10 bar from DN 
  • With protection caps.