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265/40-010 – Rewag dismantling joint

Variant: 265/40-010 – AVK dismantling joint, type redijo is a double flanged fitting which provides easy installation and disassembly of flanged pipework and fittings, or flanged equipment such as valves, meters and pumps. The dismantling joint compensate for axial displacement of the pipe during installation and dismantling.



  • Cost effective installation and dismantling with only a few tie-rods
  • Compensates for axial displacement of the pipe during installation and dismantling as the telescopic action between the inner and outer flange body allows for longitudinal adjustment
  • Designed with a gland ring to apply compression on the seal
  • Standard total axial adjustment of 50mm (+/- 25mm)
  • Flange adapter and follower (gland ring):
    ≤ DN300 GGG
    ≥ DN300C-steel S275JR
  • F-piece: C-steel S275JR
  • Flange adapter: raised face and reduced bore
  • F-piece: raised face and full bore.
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating RAL5015, min 250 mμ
  • Optionally with studs, nuts and tie-rods of stainless steel A2 or acid-resistant stainless steel A4