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The connection to a new raw water line has been equipped with a flanged outlet repair clamp from AVK Rewag. A solution that is now recommended for similar projects.

It was decided to have a new raw water line to supply the lake and the fountain located in Zavoi Park, instead of using a drinking water supply. The branching solution from an azbo-cement pipe (DN800) to a PE pipe (DN200) includes an AVK series 748 repair clamp with a flanged outlet (DN200) as well as a 06/30 gate valve (DN200), both delivered by our Romanian partner Vestra Industry.

The contractor Vilforest decided to choose a solution from AVK Rewag based on previous positive experiences with our products. The AVK Rewag triple band repair clamp with flanged branch outlet FST is a high-quality solution to add a flanged connection to a pipe. The repair clamps are provided with a waffle structured rubber gasket and rounded tops to create a fully circumferential seal. The stainless-steel repair clamps are passivated in order to ensure an optimum corrosion resistance.

After mounting and testing, the client is very pleased with the solution. Previously, they had had doubts due to bad experiences with similar products from other suppliers, where the repair clamps with outlets did not assure a 100% tightness after mounting. After installation, the solution from AVK Rewag is approved and recommended for other future projects.

On behalf of the AVK Rewag team, we would like to thank contractor Vilforest, AVK Distributor Vestra and our AVK Area manager Mr. Felix Gyori for their trust and pleasant collaboration.

AVK Rewag can produce any non-standard repair clamps. We can support you by designing and producing all kind of solutions.

That is why you choose AVK Repair Clamps

  • Completely made of stainless steel, no corrosion.
  • Clamps available in different lengths and diameters.
  • Clamp is fully pickled and passivated to restore corrosion resistance.
  • Extremely lightweight, therefore easy to handle.
  • Easy mounting with handle on stainless steel repair clamp
  • No sharp corners or edges
  • The rubber sealing is water and gas resistant.
  • No loose parts that can get lost during assembly
  • No problem with slightly oval tubes. Clamp takes the shape of the tube.
  • Welded ends with Teflon® coating to prevent contact corrosion.
  • Available with threaded branches from ½ “to 4”.
  • Available with flanged branches from DN 50 up to DN 500