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Slip type (non-tensile)

The Repico® slip type coupling is designed to replace traditional pipe joining methods (welded, flanged, threaded, etc.) The Repico Slip type pipe coupling offers a non-tensile or non-restraint connection between the pipes. This means that there is a leak free connection made and the pipes are not held in position inside the coupling. Contraction and/or expansion of the pipe material can be handled within the coupling.

Any type of pipe material that can withstand the sealing pressure of the coupling can be connected. Material that is not strong enough or has the tendency to shrink should be supported by a support bush (insert or stiffener).

No special tools or skilled people are required to install the Repico® product program. The pipe ends only need to be deburred and
cleaned. The bolts tightened evenly and torqued with a torque wrench ensures a secure and durable connection. The Repico® slip
range has the following types: S, SD, SDL and SDF, please see their specifications in the separate sections.