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Repico® pipe couplings

The coupling side of the Repico range consists of restraint (tensile) and non-restraint (non-tensile) couplings.

Restraint, where the pipe is fixed within the coupling. 
The economic version is our GLP, for medium pressures in an economic configuration we have the GMP, the standard version is the G type and for higher pressures with bigger sizes we offer the GF. These are all for metal pipes.

Available in Q3 is the GP, the restraint version for plastic pipes.

Non restraint, where the pipe needs to be restrained in the pipe supports or otherwise.
The S type has 1 lock (set of bolts) and is the standard version, for bigger sizes we offer the SD which has 2 locks, the ST with 3 locks and the SQ with 4 locks.  Besides the standard length versions we also offer a longer version of the coupling: SL, SDL, SQL & STL. When the pressures of the standard version are not sufficient we can also offer a high pressure version: SF, SDF, SQF & STF. Of course also available for the long version.

Restraint and non-restraint: A combination of both types mentioned above is the SG, it has a restraint side and a non-restraint side.

Remark: Not all versions and possibilities are shown on our web site. If you require a solution that can’t be made with what is presented here just get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Materials: Standard we offer our couplings in 316, when required we can also offer 304. The available sealing materials are EPDM, NBR, Silicone and FKM. Depending on the coupling type a choice can be made between them.