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As AVK, we consider sustainability to be of great importance. Taking each other and our impact on the environment into account. We take our social responsibility seriously and therefore make our performance in this area concrete and objectively demonstrable by means of the CSR Performance Ladder certificate. We are proud that, as one of only 38 companies in the Netherlands, we have achieved level 4 (the second highest level)!

The CSR Performance Ladder is a management system and certification standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. We have integrated the 31 CSR themes into our Management System and will develop them further in consultation with our stakeholders. Working with our relations on the right balance between People, Planet and Profit. And through this collaboration to have a reinforcing effect on making the chain more sustainable.

At AVK we believe it is important that our employees are given the opportunity to develop. That they have a safe and healthy workplace and that everyone is treated equally. Attention is also paid to the vitality of the employees and AVK would like to support it in strengthening this.

Of course we also set ourselves the goal of reducing the consumption of water, gas, electricity and CO² emissions and making it more sustainable. And increase the recyclability of raw materials, end products and packaging. We want to achieve an important part of increasing recyclability through the development of raw material passports. We also encourage local entrepreneurs and support good local initiatives.

Our goal is to create a better world around us together with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

CSR Performance Ladder

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