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Have a look at these high quality and solid “pocket beacons” used for pipe monitoring! At the special request of Martens and van Oord, a large civil contractor, the dedicated and skilled AVK Rewag team developed and produced these “pocket beacons” for a steel pipe DN 600 within a few working days. Pocket beacons are used to monitor vital pipes mainly in areas with subsidence of ground or soil settlement that is common. To allow ground level monitoring where settlement has been identified, this allows the pipe following installation to be monitored to respond to any noted excessive movement prior to pipe damage or failure avoiding the associated consequences of a pipe burst.

The robust saddles are made of strong and high-quality stainless-steel material with a reinforced threaded socket. In combination with an extra wide and high-quality EPDM rubber gasket, it ensures stability and prevents damage of the outside surface of the pipe.

AVK would like to thank this contractor for being given the opportunity to work in partnership with them to design and manufacture a working solution that will provide long term performance and monitoring opportunities.

Are you also looking for a tailor-made solution? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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