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May 2020, AVK Rewag received a phone call from our Danish distributor Vatech 2000. Their customer, a Danish ferry company was facing a problem. The ferry company had to connect pipelines in the charge air cooler system from the turbo to the intercooler on their ferry’s. This piping system consists of stainless steel pipes with an outside diameter of 254mm. The temperature in this system can even reach a maximum of 250ºC. During the last years they have used several different types of coupling configurations. But none fulfilled their high demands and requirements.

AVK Rewag proposed the ferry company to do a test with the Repico® Slip coupling, a non-tensile (flexible) coupling, which can easily absorb axial movement of the pipe, which arises due to the temperature deviations of the piping system. The Repico® Slip coupling is completely made of high quality stainless steel AISI316 material including a FKM liner. This FKM sealing operates perfectly within a temperature range of -30ºC up to +250ºC. In addition AVK recommended to use a stainless steel insert inside the gasket, to avoid that, due to the axial movement of the pipes, the FKM gasket might damage by the pipe ends. The ferry company relied on AVK’s gained knowledge and 40 years of experience and decided to agree testing the Repico® Slip coupling with FKM liner and insert.Repico slip coupling

October 2020, after an extensive test period the ferry company contacted AVK Rewag’s distributor Vatech 2000 again. The test results with the Repico® coupling were absolute positive and they decided to replace the other existing couplings by the Repico® Slip coupling.

AVK Rewag appreciates the confidence given by the end-user and the excellent cooperation with AVK’s Danish Repico® distributor Vatech 2000.

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