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Recently we received a nice order for 57 big Repico® repair couplings, varying in sizes DN1200, DN900 and DN600. These Repico® couplings will be supplied via our distributor AC.MO from Dubai to a big water company in the Middle East.

One of the requirements of this water company was that the Repico® couplings must withstand a pressure rate of 10 bar. To fulfill this demand, we produced the strongest configuration of the Repico®, called type RSDFL (consists out of two shells) and RHFL (with hinge construction) completely AISI316 with bodies up to even 5mm thickness. Another requirement was an engraved label, providing all details of the Repico® coupling. The Repico® couplings are quick and easy to install but are also a durable solution. Proudly we present you some pictures of these sustainable Repico® repair couplings.