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Recently the sales team of AVK Rewag was contacted by a big Dutch water company. The water company had a problem and searched for a solution. They would like to have a flanged outlet DN80 on an existing DN1400 steel pipe. As you can see in the pictures they faced some challenges. First of all there is a thick weld which has influence on the positioning of the saddle. As a result that the flanged DN80 outlet couldn’t be positioned in the middle of the saddle, which is standard. In addition there was an existing outlet which couldn’t be unmounted. Last but not least there was very limited space and no hoist to support with mounting.

AVK Rewag designed and produced a tailor-made tapping saddle with a single saddle head with the flanged DN80 outlet and 5 stirrups, completely out of stainless steel AISI316 and with an EPDM sealing. In this case a flare lance comes through the flange, from which one can measure the turbidity of the water at 3 different levels (top, middle and bottom of the tube).The saddle has been successfully installed by workers of the water company and afterwards the AVK team received compliments for their support.

More information about our product range of tapping saddles.